This is your connection to the nation’s largest truck rental network of over 19,000 dealers. Our focus is on truck rentals; we do not have pickup trucks, towing equipment or trucks over 15 feet. This location is assigned two or three trucks to meet local rental needs. Local rentals must be returned to the original renting location. One-way rentals, as the name describes, can be picked up at one location and dropped off at another dealer. On occasion, trucks are dropped off at Newport Hills from a one-way rental; those are available for both local and one-way rentals.

Pricing is different between local and one-way rentals. Payment for a local rental is made at the conclusion of the rental. Charges are only for the period and miles used; plus, any other equipment or services. And, as long as the equipment is returned clean. One-way rentals bundles the time, mileage and other equipment into one price. Payment is made when the truck is picked up. As long as the renter stays within the allotted time and miles and returns the equipment clean, there should be no additional charges.

Gasoline is an additional cost paid by the renter.


Make your reservation online at www.UHaul.com
Or call us at 425-278-1499 to make your reservation for you.


•  We suggest making your weekend reservations a couple of days in advance. Don’t wait until Saturday morning to call for a truck.
•  The UHaul 15-foot truck is the smallest truck with a built-in ramp.
•  Moving beds. Up to a Queen size bed will fit in the UHaul Cargo Van; use the 10-foot truck for King size beds.

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